Sunday, March 8, 2015

Camgod Info! For models and members

I am writing this BEFORE my post about all the other sites I am currently working on because right now, this is personally my favorite and they will go far. Like all new sites, building up from the bottom takes a lot of work and they make daily improvements here, but I really wanted to tell you more about the site then just fits into a single tweet.

First of all, before you go wondering off to explore it, sign up using my link below. Here is "my" referral link...

So, with that being said, the site isn't even a month old. They are still getting their kinks in order but it is a combination of CB and MFC. You have more freedom like the older MFC days (you can drink, smoke, and do public shows as long as they aren't in 'openly' public places). Yet has the same layout as CB, you can make apps and the layout is very similar.


-Because its a new site, they offer a 90% payout on your referrals (50% tips, 20% extra on referral tips, and 20% extra on what your referral buys). For the first 6 months after becoming a "producer".

-They have AMAZING contests: Daily you get $100 just for having the most people in your room, Weekly you get $250 for most time spent online, and Monthly you get $500 for getting the most awards. These contests will keep going on and possibly even add to them. Oh and once 30 broadcasters are working on a daily basis, he is offering a 10k prize. No idea how they are going to choose it, but who doesn't want a piece of that? Also, you get $1 for any signup, even if they never buy credits.

-You also make $100 after each female broadcaster referral signs up and makes their first $100.

-The owner of the site is SUPER personal. He actually will add models to his skype for any questions (and prefers it). And no, he isn't some creeper trying to hit on you either.

-Payout...seriously, the quickest I have ever gotten paid on a site. I also have direct deposit so not sure how payoneer or checks would be, but I sure got paid quickly. They accept direct deposit bank transfers for US clients, payoneer and checks.

-You can upload ANY type of video there without needing anyone else in the videos to get verified, and you still made the 90% cut on your referrals when they buy them! Their clip section alone is pretty awesome. Many different "topics" to choose from in uploads, a lot like c4s.

-Their payout is the 15th and the 1st (by the 15th, this is the day they actually pay out so you have to have converted your earnings to get paid out by midnight on the 14th EST).

The negs:

-The site is SUPER NEW so its kinda like BYOT (bring your own traffic). You will get a few wanderers coming in that other models referred, but their traffic isn't great. However, most of us have our biggest fans on our twitter and such and they follow us where we go.

-They are still working out a lot of little kinks to improve the site, I imagine in time it will be even better.


If you don't mind bringing your own traffic and testing out the new site, or have a competitive edge and want to go for the contests, I suggest you sign up and try it out.

And lastly, I wouldn't be mad if you guys DID decide to join and did it with my link! So here my link, again. Which hopefully...some of you guys decide to join after reading this.

If you do want to hit up the site owner for whatever reason (please, he is a busy guy, make it a legit reason) his skype is (yes that is the actual skype id).

***I was made aware of an error when they first started that they posted a models personal ID. Thats absolutely horrible and a huge error but I have not encountered such issues with them yet and stand by my good review. For those models aware of this situation, please know the owner explained it was a bug and they have took precautions for it not to happen again. If I hear anymore instances like this, I will be sure to make everyone aware. It was a bug on their end that was fixed right away but still wanted it to be noted here. ***

As for MEMBER info:

The referral bonus also works for you. You just can't cash out. But if you sign up, and use your referral link to get signups, if they buy credits, or just sign up, you get free credits on your account to tip us.

You can broadcast with or without making money (if you don't want to become a producer, you can just cam like CB). Also couples, trans, everyone is welcome here.

You DO have to prove you are legit before buying chips, which is a good thing because it will save you the fraud many sites face. But in order to buy chips you do need to do a little speech verifying you are who you are, I am hoping they make this easier in the future but it works for fraud.

Anyway, that is about all I have to say about the site but if anyone has any questions you can feel free to message me.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Long time no see...

Eep. It's been almost 2 years since I have even written in here so we are going to try this again. I just went through this blog and realized how old it was and how little I update it, so I am going to try to be more consistent. I deleted a lot of my old posts but kept those I think still have value to them. I want a fresh start on here, so that is coming! Most of you people come here from either twitter, or googling sexy chubby chicks, so whoever you are, thank you.

Though there will be some bickering here and there, I'm going to try to use this in the best interest to help other camgirls who are new, or just need to seek some advice about situations/sites/whatever. And for you guys to well, not just understand me better but to understand our community better. On that note, I am going to sleep but I will be updating the current cam sites you can find me on and cam site info tomorrow. I promise.  I may even in detail write more specifically about each site. Either way, it's coming soon. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

End of the Month Blues..

Most camgirls get this. Sites tend to suck at the end of the month. Guess because its time for all the normal spenders to pay bills, and also because there are double the amount of girls online trying to make extra before payouts. Whatever the reason, I thought I would give a few pointers about how to make extra money  in short time if you tend to be running a little behind (whether you are a camgirl or need cash fast).

1. Sell things on ebay. I HIGHLY recommend clothes especially, they go like crazy. Also, if you have old broken computers you want some money for, you will be surprised at how much people pay for things that don't work. I normally start with a higher minimum bid because the fees they take out for paypal, then the monthly ebay fees at the end of the month, all add up.

2. Start working on one of those work from home sites like I do, several of them will pay you within 24 hours! Some of them are also scams, or pay monthly so be wise when getting involved with this, but I can help you out if interested..

3. Sell any expensive items you have laying around that you never use on Craigslist. I only say expensive because Craigslist isn't really worth it if its cheap. Always bring someone with you when meeting somewhere to swap though.

4. If you are able to in your area, have a yard sale.

5. Start a chipin and post it on twitter, or other places. You may not get a ton donated, but sometimes any amount helps

6.***for the camgirls out there*** Make specials on videos, specials for your website, skype specials, you WILL have people feed into these and sign up just because it is a special. Still make sure its enough you aren't cutting yourself short of your services, but enough you can profit from it. Also, make sure you follow through with your end of the deal. Nothing is worse then that.

Although most of you know of these ideas, sometimes when stressed out we fall back on only one thing. And get upset when we can't reach the goals we have for it. Remember there are other ways to make money quickly from home.  So don't let a bad month or bad week get you down, just compromise and move on...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Niteflirt lines now 24 hours!

Since I don't give my number out on a regular basis, I keep 2 of my niteflirt lines open 24/7 now. One is just to talk for those wanting to hear my voice or get to know me better and that line is

1-800-863-5478   ext: 9925653

The other is just an ignore line (and an expensive one at that) for those losers who want to be ignored and listen in on me

1-800-863-5478  ext: 9725963

Click below for 3 free minutes if you sign up!

Click for the web's best phone sex on

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Camsites and Camsite info for models

Sorry guys, I know I been neglecting this blog but a lot has been going on. I will catch you up with everything in the next post but until then I wanted to let you guys know where to find me since things have changed a bit. First of all Xpeeps is now gone. I know, sadface. I had a lot of fun there, but luckily I kinda stopped going on for a month or so before it shut down. So here are the sites you can find me now. This also can be used for models to hopefully choose between sites since I seem to answer several questions on sites and which I prefer. All I ask is when signing up for a site PLEASE sign up with my links, thank you!

1. Camflare- This is my newest site and VERY similar to xpeeps. I'm not sure how often I will be on there until it picks up, but please get an account and rate me! Also, I make the most out of this site, so if you are going to do a show, best to do one here. You can buy videos and never before seen pictures of me on here as well. The traffic is slow right now but it is less then a month old, give it time. Models mak e 60% here. Pays out 3 times a month, $10 minimum.

Sign up here:

2. Cams- I have been putting probably the *most* time here lately. This site is a lot of fun, but unfortunately my profit isn't great, You can buy videos here as well. This site is more of a "private only" site meaning its not big on the tipping and I cant get naked in free. You only get about 30% there unless you put in a lot of hours, then it's possible to have higher payouts, also a lot of cool features plus traffic seems to be pretty amazing. You can also see how much dough the guys have so you know whos freeloading. Pays out twice a month, $50 minimum.

Members Sign Up For Cams Here!

Models sign up for Cams here!

3. Streamate- Personally one of my least favorite, dont get me wrong, some models LOVE it here because the traffic can be good at times, but if you aren't able to do "gold shows" it's just not as busy for you. Payouts are about 35%, traffic is great but only because you are seen on hundreds of Streamate sites. So if you don't want to be promoted places you are unsure of, this site isn't the best for you. HOWEVER they do payout weekly. This can be a private or tipper site. I notice quite a few people tip you gold here just sitting in free chat as well. However, the profit just sucks. Another good thing is all "members" have to have a CC on file so freeloaders are more rare. You can find me here from time to time. Either $20 check minimum or a $100 minimum for anything else to get paid. No videos or extra features here.

My streamate profile:

4. Justbbwcams- Only meant for BBW's, so the whole site caters to guys with a "thick girl" fetish. You get 45% percent here, the traffic is so-so but it's great because it has a mode to sit in so you aren't in "free" chat therefore can work other sites at the same time. I am almost ALWAYS on here when working other sites, just rarely live. This site also pays out weekly with a $100 minimum. Plus has monthly contests for extra earning potential. This site does NOT accept tips. ONLY private shows. You can buy videos here, but most are fetish videos for the BBW lovers.

Sign up here!

5. Imlive- I'm also normally sitting in this chat while working others since it has a similar mode like the one from Justbbwcams. This is another private only site, but you do have the option to tip at the end of the show, just rarely does that happen. Models make about 30% here, but it does have good traffic and a lot of cool features (very similar site to cams, but I prefer cams better). You can buy videos here as well. You can find me here frequently off and on. This site does have great specials for longer shows though and a discount club where you join and get free minutes to use in shows AND also discounted rates for a month. PLUS models make 70% of every signup. 

Sign up here:

6. Myfreecams- I rarely come on here unless requested to. It can be a good site, but it takes a lot of time and patience for that to happen. You can only buy videos in exchange for tokens from the model. Payout is 50% for models. Any privates the guys go on, DO stay on the guys account so they can watch them whenever they please. Which I guess when they charge $6 a min for privates, they should be able to lol. This is a good site to hang out though and play games, just don't stay on when it's dead because your camscore will drop and then it will slowly become harder and harder to make decent money. I'm rarely here, but I do make occasional short appearances. 

My profile: http:/

7. Naked- This site has a lot of traffic and can make decent money when you are committed to it. But they have the WORST payout of all of them. The traffic may make up for it sometimes but the shows are the highest price for the guys, and the girls get paid the less. Also, videos are for sale here. I can get you signed up pretty quickly here if interested as a model.

My naked profile!

8. Chaturbate: Chaturbate is a LOT like MFC but not as many girls, which means the girls who DO work can get better traffic. Also has a lot of cool features like fan clubs, pics, videos, you can create mods for your room and they payout 50%. They also have group or private shows but public shows are more often on there. Also has both couples, guys and girls and both can earn tokens. Makes it great for the guys who want to show off too...can get off on cam, make tokens then spend them on the girls :) This site is fun, but like MFC is can also take a while to gain a fanbase, though you will get one much quicker. Also, personally as a BBW, this site doesn't always do well for me. It's a hit and miss, which most sites are any given day. They also do have pretty good support when needed. You need to make $50 to get paid by check, and $100 for payoneer. It does the best probably with couples. 

Sign up to be a model or member here!

**Once you sign up as a member, click on your name at the top and you will see tabs below, click on token stats to become a model.

9. These are sites I signed up for but I absolutely disliked and highly suggest against them...
Allbbwcams, livejasmin, casscams

Either the traffic wasn't there for me, or the site wasn't what I was looking for, against each model has different preferences but this is what works for me and what doesnt. 

****Again, ALL these reviews are ONLY based on my personal opinion, so sign up and choose as you wish! This is just for a little bit of help for the guys and models. Also, for anyone who wants to find me! lol

You can also find me at 




I do also do skype shows if anyone is interested you can email me at for more info.

Camgirls that are new to the biz, I strongly suggest you sign up for at least 2 sites to rotate if one is slow, or multicam to double any profits. If possible try to stick to a repeat schedule so your fans can expect you. Most of the older camgirls already have I'm sure.

Fans, I am normally on at LEAST 2 of these sites any time I am on. Follow my twitter to find out more details. If any other camgirls have questions feel free to ask.

Wanna spoil me??

****Amazon link:

(if you look at the side of my list you will see several other lists to categorize everything)

****I'm MOVING across country in November so need all the help I can get...If you view this and find it helpful or just want to help out, how about donating $5 to my chip in? Every little bit helps, even only $1. The link is posted below! Thank you in advance!!

Also any guys who contribute more then $50 can get a skype show or a custom video for free!

****If you want to donate directly to my paypal, the email is, this is also my PAYONEER email if you would rather send that way. (ask me for details)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To be real

You know, about 80 percent of the females who work this business are pretty "real", so why is it so hard for the guys to be the same? We don't BS, we tell it like it is, and you either love it or don't. Well, I have never been the type to lie or fill up all these fake promises. If I say something, or commit to something, I'm going to be real about it. My fans and my followers that are true to me know it. I've done everything for my fans from buying a certain toy or outfit they request to learning BRITISH sign language to try to communicate to one of my deaf fans. If someone ever has a technical problem while we are camming, I am the first to make sure they get refunded or things get worked out. I always go out of my way for my fans, followers, and friends. So when people tell me something, I EXPECT them to be real about it. I'm tired of investing my time into people, and going out of my way for people when very few seem to appreciate it or reciprocate. For those that do, thanks, and trust me I notice it, but for those that don't, why waste anyone's time?! Time is too valuable to sit there with these false promises. So if you are going to make them to us, keep them or why bother? I know in this business the chances of that happening are rare, and that most of the time the best bet is to just ignore the fact and move on from it, but at the end of the day when "violetcums" or our web persona leaves and we are left with us "ourselves" we are real people with real feelings just like everyone else.